Datanet aims to offer Ubiquitous Write Through Caching. To this purpose, Datanet supports multiple architectures all using the same protocol and sharing the same data-space.
Datanet architecture consists of the following components:
1.) Central component (NodeJS)
2.) OpenResty Agent (Lua)
3.) OpenResty App-Server-Cluster (Lua)
4.) NodeJS Agent (NodeJS)
5.) NodeJS App-Server-Cluster (NodeJS)
6.) Browser Agent (Javascript)
7.) Experimental: Memcache-Cluster Wrapper (NodeJS)
8.) Coming soon: iOS (Swift), Android(Java)


Datanet is primarily a distributed conflict resolution engine. In other words, Datanet only concerns itself with database writes, not database reads/queries. Datanet allows users to plug in different databases as one size does not fit all :)
Datanet currently supports the following databases as plugins: (default is in italics)
- Central Databases: Redis, Mongo, Memory
- OpenResty Agent Databases: LMDB, sqlite, ngx.shared.DICT, Memory
- NodeJS Agent Databases: Redis, Mongo, Memory
- Browser Agent Databases: LocalStorage, Memory
- Memcache Cluster Databases: Memcache