Learn more about Datanet from presentations, slides, & articles. This page will be updated as content is generated, we are just starting out, so it's currently a work in progress :)




Datanet: A New CRDT Database That Let's You Do Bad Bad Things To Distributed Data

Summary: Todd Hoff describes Datanet as being a concurrency oriented database in regards to the CAP theorem. Then a thorough discussion of Datanet's why, how, & what are discussed in an interview with Datanet's creator: Russell Sullivan. This article is currently the best starting point to get the 10,000 foot view of Datanet




Datanet 3 Cubed Demo is a live demo starting with basic functionality and climaxing in functionality during brutal system failures. Graphical real time dashboard displaying architecture spanning 3 contintents demonstrates both speed and robustness of Datanet's distributed replication flow. Covers basic Datanet architecture, concepts, and robustness to various system failures. (16 minutes)




Presentation for Cloudflare's engineering team on 8/11/16 covering the basic technical details of Datanet's algorithms and walking through a straightforward example of how Datanet does distributed zero-coordination Garbage Collection. Talk is highly technical and explains how Datanet has pioneered a new algorithm in the space of distributed zero-coordination garbage collection. (51 minutes)





Home page's 4 minute brief on the Datanet's What, Why, & How. Covering CRDT basics, Datanet architecture basics, robustness examples, use cases, and future goals. Great starting point. (4 minutes)